Hardware Teams

We finished off the year strong with some final presentations from our undergraduate EE 496 and EE 396 teams. You can look through some of their final presentations below.

Weatherbox Teams:

  1. Dragonfruit Design Team
  2. Cranberry Design Team
  3. Apple Design Team
  4. Firmware
  5. Networking/Server
  6. Verification

Systems Teams:

  1. Wind Sensor
  2. Forecasting

All of the teams posted strong results this semester despite working from very little documentation. Our lab almost doubled in size - we expected a little more problems but everyone pulled together and make it happen. We now have three designs that are working parallel. Spring break is our new milestone - we hope to have at least 10 discrete weatherbox nodes deployed by that time.

Feel free to look on our lab’s wiki to find out more about what’s happening with each project! You can do so by going here.